Interview with Chad Cherry (Chad Cherry Clothing, The Last Vegas)

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After the gig of THE LAST VEGAS in Frankfurt we came to chat a bit with Chad Cherry, who sings in the US-american Band from Chicago since 2005. Among other things he told us that he is also a designer for clothes and accesoires. And absolutely: The creativity of Cherry, who lives in Los Angeles, is not limited on music indeed. The interview request was answered willingly, so that you now can read more on his designs, but also – of course – about what the next plans are concerning music.

Manu: Chad, apart from making music, you are also designing clothes. When did you start out with this and how would you describe the style?

Chad Cherry: I operate Chad Cherry Clothing which I started on my birthday in 2013. Before it was full on I would just make stage gear for myself but after shows I would get so many people asking me where they could find the stuff that I was wearing. I had some downtime from touring and came up with the idea of a clothing line based on the creepy, horror-induced, rock-n-roll, cult movie, dingy and distressed one of a kind style that I wear on and off stage.

Manu: Which kind of products do you design?

Chad Cherry: I do just about everything. You name it and I can do it. Shoes, all styles of jackets, vests, jeans, hoodies, shorts, hats, belts, t-shirts, scarves, embroidery patches and someone even wanted me to do a punk rock lederhosen for them. Not kidding.

Manu: How do you produce, are there any cooperations and what policy is important to you concerning this. (For example I saw that you produce in “vegan leather”)

Chad Cherry: I do everything myself. I use vegan leather for just about everything I do. I have clients that send me their clothes to “vamp out” as well which can be anything from leather to suede but other than that I mostly work with animal friendly products.

Manu: You obviously have a soft spot for creatures of the dark. Tell us something about this.

Chad Cherry It’s no secret that horror movies, twisted books, vintage monster magazines/comics, special effects, classic cretins and all things creepy are a huge staple of my life. I think when we are young we find certain things that we can relate to or that becomes a part of our everyday life. I guess I still haven’t grown up in that aspect.

Manu: Can you name your personal TOP 3 designs and why they are so special to you.

interview ChadCherry Tourjacketsmall1interview ChadCherry Alice Cooper1

Chad Cherry: This [on the left] is a personal one for me. I wore this on my last tour in Germany.

I make a lot of the stage clothes for the Alice Cooper band. These [on the right] I created for The Coop himself. He told me I should open up a shop on Melrose. Alice is the coolest!

I made these [shoes, see below] for my buddy, special effect master Steve Johnson for his B-Day. He’s done your favorite cult horror, sci-if, action, suspense, thriller movies you love as well as create Slimer from the original Ghostbusters.

interview ChadCherry SteveJohnson1Manu: Is there something like a Top Seller and if yes what would that be?

Chad Cherry: A lot of people dig the distressed classic monster t-shirts and the rocker jackets seems to be popular.

Manu: How can people in Germany purchase your designs?

Chad Cherry: I’m on every form of social media and anyone can send messages via my online shop too. I’m extremely easy to reach out to get custom made goods or just check out what’s new in my store.  All one would need to do is Google “Chad Cherry” and I’ll be there. I actually get a lot of orders that come from Germany. You have amazing taste.

Manu: Of course we are interested in your music as well:

Chad Cherry: Music will always be a part of everything I do. I’m constantly writing as well as playing shows, shooting videos and recording tracks.

Manu: You are right now playing some gigs with your project CHERRY / MARTIN in California. Can you say something about this project?

Chad Cherry: CHERRY/MARTIN is steered my myself and Gary Martin. We seem to have zero limits when it comes to writing and I’d say our style is a haunting mix of old Country Western and Rock’n’Roll. There’s also an edge of Punk Rock that’s rounded out with a Blues feel. Maybe some Glam Rock in there too. It can be sonic as well as slow and melodic. Mostly we do it just as a dynamic acoustic duo but we’re integrating it as a full on band with all the fixings more now a days. The music was born and raised in Los Angeles and definitely has that spirit.

Manu: What are the next plans for THE LAST VEGAS? And when can we expect you back to Germany?

Chad Cherry: The Last Vegas has plans to release another video from our latest album Eat Me soon and there’s talks about gearing up to record new music within the next few months. We have a bunch of demos we need to iron out and see what we love and what needs to be tossed. You can always expect TLV to tour Germany! We will make a massive announcement when date are ready. TLV WARRIORS!

Manu: Is there anything else you are working on right now?

Chad Cherry: I always have a lot of irons in the fire. I dig making music videos and at the moment I’m getting back into film a little bit. I’m still a dreamer.. so I have massive plans for EVERYTHING!

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