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The Myth of “Legal Makes It safe”

Here is my presentation from the “Feminist Perspectives On The Sex Trade” Panel at FiLiA 2019 in Bradford, UK Before I speak on my topic, why legalisation making it safe for women in prostitution is a myth and why I choose this bloody hands picture

Presentation at the “Femicide” panel on FiLiA 2019

Here is a write-up of what I was speaking about on the “Femicide” Panel on the FiLia 2019 conference. Since I only had notes with me it might slightly differ to what I actually said… We started Sex Industry Kills in 2014 to document the

Survival Mechanisms and Trauma Bonding in Prostitution

Was she forced or did she choose it?  “We’ve been broken. We’ve been torn apart. We’ve been from $20 to $5,000 and it feels the same. It feels like $2. There’s no difference: high-class, low-class. I’ve done it all and it still feels the same.”

Interview: The Ever Increasing Concentration of the Sex Industry in Germany

Francine Sporenda interviews Manuela Schon about the legalised sex industry in Germany and the impact of new regulations. Manuela is a sociologist and political activist in Germany. She co-founded “Abolition 2014 – Für eine Welt ohne Prostitution” and “LINKE für eine Welt ohne Prostitution.” She is

Frankfurt: Turning a Red Light District into Disneyland

The event “Bahnhofsviertelnacht” is an annual event in the area around the main train station in Frankfurt. This is also a famous red light district with lots of brothels, bars and a lot of social problems (drug addiction, homelessness …) It’s no secret that the