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#IranProtests: All or nothing!

Sometimes life is full of weird coincidences. Just two weeks ago I have published a review of “Islamists Ruined My Iran: The Second Coming” on the platform of a big international online marketplace – a book by a young, talented author writing about the situation

The Myth of “Legal Makes It safe”

Here is my presentation from the “Feminist Perspectives On The Sex Trade” Panel at FiLiA 2019 in Bradford, UK Before I speak on my topic, why legalisation making it safe for women in prostitution is a myth and why I choose this bloody hands picture

Presentation at the “Femicide” panel on FiLiA 2019

Here is a write-up of what I was speaking about on the “Femicide” Panel on the FiLia 2019 conference. Since I only had notes with me it might slightly differ to what I actually said… We started Sex Industry Kills in 2014 to document the

Survival Mechanisms and Trauma Bonding in Prostitution

Was she forced or did she choose it?  “We’ve been broken. We’ve been torn apart. We’ve been from $20 to $5,000 and it feels the same. It feels like $2. There’s no difference: high-class, low-class. I’ve done it all and it still feels the same.”

Interview with Chris Damien Doll and Sandy Hazard (Doll Hazard)

DOLL HAZARD, thats Sandy Hazard from Vancouver / Canada und Chris Damien Doll from Oslo / Norway. They have recently released an album called “Transatlantic Meltdown” together – although they live 7200 kilometers apart from each other. Reason enough to have a little chat with

Throwback Thursday: Interview with Amulet (1993-2007)

#throwbackthursday. Wanna do a little time travel? I did this interview on the 11th of August 2007, exactly tomorrow ten years ago, one day before the farewell concert of the legendary Hardcore-Band AMULET at Middelalderparken in Oslo. (You can watch the whole show on Youtube)